Future Updates and Assets Packs:

It's been a while but there's some update news at last!

I'm planning a small update soon which will add farmland, monoliths and ruins to the RPG Overworld Tileset (see WIP preview above). I’m also planning another revision of the tileset to make it easier to use with edge and corner based auto-tiling systems.

BUT! Before all that I’ll be releasing two more asset packs, hopefully in the next week or so. An RPG Town Exterior tileset and an RPG Town Interiors tileset for $5 USD each. There’s WIP preview images of these above for you to check out. These are stand-alone packs but I've designed them to fit stylistically with the Overworld Tileset and all three assets share a unified colour palette.

My original plan was to release these first two new asset packs as one single pack for $10, but by breaking them up and making them modular this lets buyers mix and match my exteriors or interiors with other assets as needed, without having to pay for everything. It also lets me put out different biome exterior tilesets without duplicating the interior content across asset packs.

My long term goal is to add village tilesets for other biomes as well as other environment and dungeon tilesets, all designed to complement the original Overworld Tileset with the final goal of having a collection of assets that can be used to produce entire RPG worlds.

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I used the original Overworld tileset for an experiment in procedural world-generation using tilemaps. This asset was very robust and required only a small amount of tweaking to get the orientations I needed for my system.


I'm thinking about using the newer RPG Town Exterior tileset to provide a way to "zoom in" on the procedurally-generated overworld. I think it is doable, and the new asset looks like it will be interesting to play around with.

OMG! Thank you!

These are great. Thanks.

Those previews look amazing, it will be great to have a unified style. Thanks for the hard work I am excited to play around with these!

Village is a nice! Nice thing to check, when it will appear

I really get a ton of use out of your original Overworld Tileset. I am thrilled to see this update on the future of the tileset. I am not currently working on a project that would use it, but just seeing the example images you posted gets my mind spooling up again.

Link to one of my better uses of your work:

Hey, cool game and not something I would've ever imagined when I was working on the tiles!