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Create grand overworlds and maps, perfect for JRPGs, roguelikes, SRPGs, tactics and strategy games. Royalty free commercial and personal license.

  • Over 500 unique tiles with additional animated water effects.
  • Clean, crisp hand pixeled style.
  • Versatile tile set with rivers, lakes, estuaries, hills and mountains, scattered trees and lush forests.
  • 5 biomes with transition tiles: Temperate, desert, arctic, swamp and wasteland.
  • Modern tile variations for buildings, roads and other structures.
  • Build sprawling cities and tiny villages with buildings, castle walls, stockades, roads, cobble stones and farmland.
  • Monoliths, pyramids and ruins.

Please leave a comment if you find this tileset useful as well as any feedback or requests for tiles you would like to see added.

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GenreRole Playing, Strategy
Tags16x16, JRPG, overworld, Pixel Art, Royalty Free, Tactical, Tilemap, Tileset


Get this asset pack and 2 more for $15.00 USD
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This is such a beautiful tileset! Just wanted to ask, did you already release the Ruins and Settlements update? If not, would I have access to it once it's released if I buy the tileset now?


Thanks! The Ruins and Settlements update is still on its way. If you buy now you get access to all future updates (there's other stuff planned for the future but I really need to get Ruins and Settlements finished before I start talking about any of that!).

Is there a setup for Tiled available for this?


I would also like to know.


There isn't a Tiled setup included currently but the tiles will work with corner based auto tiling. I'm planning on optimising the tileset and including variant versions for edge and corner based auto-tiling methods in a future update to make creating your own setups easier.


Don't suppose you know, or if anyone knows any unit/creature assets that would work with these sprites?

I have a free asset pack available with some unit graphics that you might find useful: https://mattwalkden.itch.io/fantasy-battle-pack

Thanks, these are  a great start.


Beautiful set. Would like to see more done with the legacy tileset as I'm targeting low end systems. Even if you programmatically generate them and use a lot of space I can pick and choose what I need.

Definitely will be watching for more assets and updates from you!


I've got a small update in the works to add ruins, new buildings and farm land. Once that's out of the way I've got plans to address some formatting and tile arrangement issues and I can look at the legacy tile set as part of that. In the meantime you can always overlay tiles and export them in any image editor that supports layers and produce your own merged tiles that way.


is that update canceled?


Hi, the update isn't cancelled, I've been busy with other work but it's still on the way (along with the other asset packs I've got in the works).

- Matt

Hi, I'm trying to make some assets using your tileset's colors. Is there a certain color palette you used?

 I love your tileset by the way :)


I didn't use a set palette, just picked colours for what I needed as I went along. I tried to keep the colour count down but there's probably some very close colour choices that could be optimised here and there.

Is this compatible with RPG maker? curious if auto tiles are possible and animations, etc 

Hey, sorry for the late reply. The tiles are 16x16 pixels in size and (I think) RPG maker is locked to 48x48 pixel tiles, so you could blow up the tiles to three times the size with an image editor if you don't mind having big, chunky pixels.

- Matt

Could we have some documentation for bitmasking the set?

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There's a folder in the zip file called "NoAlpha" which has versions of all the tileset layouts without alpha blending, just fully opaque or fully transparent pixels. You can use these to make a bitmask by filling in the transparent pixels with your 0 value colour and all the solid pixels with your 1 value colour (or the other way round, depending on how you're doing things).

The shadows that are designed to be drawn with transparency have the RGB value #664d8b (102,77,139), so if you're doing alpha blending through bitmasking you can fill all these pixels with whatever value of greyscale you want depending on how transparent you want the shadows to be (I used 0.37 in the tileset).

Hope this helps.

- Matt

This is a Masterpiece!

(2 edits) (+3)

This pack is insane, I haven't worked with it yet but I looked at the tileset and I'm super stoked. 

I needed a overworld map that was versatile but this seems to be really insane. Thank you so much for making this.

Worth the asking price!!!

EDIT: I am now working with it and it's soooo goood. I'm so happy with this. Again, thanks a ton, the versatility is just insane. Amazing work!


So cool! I love the animation

(1 edit) (+1)

Hi got a question. Do you require to be credited for any use of this tileset? If so then i'm really sorry because I released a game demo without crediting the tileset. Could try to take down the demo if that makes it better. Emphasis on try.


Hey, no credit needed. Can I get a link to the demo? I'm always interested in seeing what happens to my assets out in the real world!


Took down the download a little quickly then but dont worry I'll message when the demo get's put back up,  and thanks for answering. Was really scared there for a bit.


thanks for adding more biomes looks great ! 


I've a question, if I buy this, is the tiles 'straight'? On the screenshot they are a bit tilted but I guess that is to prevent copying?


The tiles are straight in a standard 16x16 grid. You're right, the tilting is just to prevent copying!


This looks great just purchased it! Please add more biomes  to this world. Its a great start!


i would buy it, but i miss swamps,canyons,tundra and jungles biomes.

And an higher variation of mountains and plants for each biome.

Many Gamemasters would kill for an complete Overworld Asset pack to visualise their Overworld in Tabletop RPGs.


Should probably commision him to make that then.

Adding new biomes isn't something I've ruled out but my immediate plans are to add some options for modern buildings.

Out of interest how useful would a hex based version be for tabletop RPG maps?


for hex based assets we all use http://dgbaumgart.com/works/painterly-game-tiles-hexes/ stuff because it has an high variation and he is working on new stuff right now.  


If you make more biomes (which I would also like) then publish them as a separate pack, assuming the price is similar I'd be happy to pay for more of them! :)

frankly I don't even use hexes for regional maps in TTRPGs, I prefer square tile grids for both battlemaps and overworld maps.

Beautiful! Reminds me of Ogre Battle.

Yeah March of the Black Queen, got the same feeling! :)


Wow! Looks great!


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This is beautiful, the more I look at it, the more I fall in love. I had to purchase this straight away! Also just bought your arcade pack and I already own your font pack. Great work, really looking forward to see what else you release :D 

Thanks, I channelled a lot of happy gaming memories in to this. GBA era Advance Wars and Fire Emblem, Warlords on the Amiga, SNES era Final Fantasy etc.