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Create grand overworlds and maps, perfect for JRPGs, roguelikes, SRPGs, tactics and strategy games. Royalty free commercial and personal license.

  • Over 500 unique tiles with additional animated water effects.
  • Clean, crisp hand pixeled style.
  • Versatile tile set with rivers, lakes, estuaries, hills and mountains, scattered trees and lush forests.
  • 3 biomes (temperate, desert and arctic regions) with interchangeable tile sets and transition tiles.
  • Modern tile variations for buildings, roads and other structures.
  • Build sprawling cities and tiny villages with buildings, castle walls, stockades, roads and cobble stones.

Please leave a comment if you find this tileset useful as well as any feedback or requests for tiles you would like to see added.


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $10 USD. You will get access to the following files:

RPG Overworld Tileset 30-09-20.zip 601 kB

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I've a question, if I buy this, is the tiles 'straight'? On the screenshot they are a bit tilted but I guess that is to prevent copying?


The tiles are straight in a standard 16x16 grid. You're right, the tilting is just to prevent copying!

This looks great just purchased it! Please add more biomes  to this world. Its a great start!


i would buy it, but i miss swamps,canyons,tundra and jungles biomes.

And an higher variation of mountains and plants for each biome.

Many Gamemasters would kill for an complete Overworld Asset pack to visualise their Overworld in Tabletop RPGs.


Should probably commision him to make that then.

Adding new biomes isn't something I've ruled out but my immediate plans are to add some options for modern buildings.

Out of interest how useful would a hex based version be for tabletop RPG maps?


for hex based assets we all use http://dgbaumgart.com/works/painterly-game-tiles-hexes/ stuff because it has an high variation and he is working on new stuff right now.  

If you make more biomes (which I would also like) then publish them as a separate pack, assuming the price is similar I'd be happy to pay for more of them! :)

frankly I don't even use hexes for regional maps in TTRPGs, I prefer square tile grids for both battlemaps and overworld maps.

Beautiful! Reminds me of Ogre Battle.

Yeah March of the Black Queen, got the same feeling! :)


Wow! Looks great!


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This is beautiful, the more I look at it, the more I fall in love. I had to purchase this straight away! Also just bought your arcade pack and I already own your font pack. Great work, really looking forward to see what else you release :D 

Thanks, I channelled a lot of happy gaming memories in to this. GBA era Advance Wars and Fire Emblem, Warlords on the Amiga, SNES era Final Fantasy etc.