Updates Roadmap

The update with the modern tiles has just gone live!

The next big update will be a new swamp biome but I'm also planning on optimising the tileset, re-formatting it in separate layers to provide extra flexibility and make user edits easier. I'll post some preview images for the swamp biome as soon as I've got something concrete to show off.

- Matt

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This is exactly what I was looking for. I would like to see some of the graphics somehow with transparency in their tiny backgrounds so that I can place some mountains right in front of the a forest. Similarly, buildings with transparent backgrounds and/or with translucent shading might be easier to place on a variety of other surfaces (like the lighter green grass or brown swamp/mud).

Totally unrelated, I would love to see some ruined versions of the buildings. I'm working on a strategy game that will eventually need some kind of visual user feedback that buildings have been destroyed.

Thanks for your effort in making this!

cool! Thanks.