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24 8x8 and 8x16 pixel fonts in TTF, OTF and web font formats. Royalty free commercial and personal license.

Each font comes in monospaced and variable width versions and contains 200+ characters covering western European languages (full unicode basic latin character set and latin-1 supplement). Additional characters can be added on request.

Bandwidth - An 8 bit micro inspired font. (8x8 + 8x16 versions)

Bluesky - A chunky arcade style font. (8x8)

Centurion - A classic serif font in pixel form. (8x8 + 8x16 versions)

Centurion Bold - A heavier version of Centurion. (8x8 + 8x16 versions)

Glimmer A neat handwritten style font evoking 16-bit JRPGs (8x8 + 8x16 versions)

Glimmer Sans - A Sans Serif version of Glimmer (8x8 + 8x16 versions)

Gold Box - An old school CRPG font. (8x8 + 8x16 versions)

Gold Box Light - A light version of Gold Box (8x8 + 8x16 versions)

Indie Modern Inspired by contemporary indie game styles. (8x8 + 8x16 versions)

Jamma - Early 80s inspired arcade font. (8x8 + 8x16 versions)

Seven Oh Ess - A 70s style retro-futuristic font (8x8 + 8x16 versions) followed by...

 Terminus - ...an 80s style futurist-futuristic font! (8x8)

Minotaur - Bronze age pixels. (8x8)

Minotaur Light - A light version of Minotaur (8x8)

EOT, WOFF, WOFF2 and SVG font files also included for all fonts.

Please leave a message if you find these fonts useful or have any feedback or requests for changes / additional characters.

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Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

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so, I would really love to use some of these fonts (with attribution of course) as a replacement for a built in font in ROM-hack patch I’m working on, and just wanted to be sure that’s still ok to do based on the license. It’s a little different than just using it in a game I’m developing myself…and naturally i can’t just use the .ttf files as is, so I’ll need to convert them to an appropriate format. I read over the license and it SOUNDS like it’s alright, but just wanted to double check! Fantastic work on these regardless!

Hi. Yes, that's covered by the license, glad you like the fonts!

Many many thanks for this. I especially like the Glimmer fonts. Well done!

These are wonderful! I used the Centurion Bold in my GameJam game. Thanks! -- https://xedindustries.itch.io/decaf-dungeon-a-boss-battle

I love the fonts, it would be very nice if they came as .pngs as well as the ttfs. Then they would be more versatile.

Yea, this would make them much more usable in Playdate's Pulp

I'll look in to this in a future update. In the meantime you can always use the monospaced versions of the fonts to put together your own PNG.

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Is it the same Terminus as the default Linux console font? O_o Because I remember the Linux font being larger and less stylized.BTW, your fonts also look nice vectorized for higher res :D


Wow, I love how Seven Oh Ess and the lower case Jamma and Indie Modern turned out there.

Terminus was inspired by the visuals of computer screens from 80s movies. The name was just a play on "Terminal", I had no idea the Linux font had the same name!


Tempted to grab the just because I need a monospaced pixel font. Turns out they are hard to come by!


Hi, Avis.

I spent a lot of time tweaking the positioning of each character in the monospaced versions to get everything perfect but if you do buy the set and want any small changes making just let me know.

These fonts are awesome. I'm considering purchasing them.... but I'm not 100% sure on the style of my next game so I'm not sure if any of these are a fit. But they look really well made! I'm especially interested in pixel fonts with good kerning (non-mono).