A downloadable asset pack

Everything needed to build a 16 bit, pixel art space battle or lunar lander game. 


  • Foreground moon tileset including structures and landing pads.
  • Multi-layer parallax background with moon surface, space debris and star field tiles.
  • Explosions, muzzle flare and jet trail effects.
  • 5 space ships and 1 ground defence unit with extra modular guns and missile launchers.
  • Gun fire, missiles and laser beam sprites.
  • UI elements including gauges, resource count icons and radar background.
  • Asteroids coloured for background and foreground use.

These assets are released in to the public domain under the Creative Commons 0 license. You can use, modify and distribute them in commercial and personal projects (a written credit is appreciated but not necessary!).

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(12 total ratings)
Tags16-bit, 2D, Asteroids, Explosions, moon, Pixel Art, Royalty Free, Shoot 'Em Up, Space


Lunar Lander Assets 24-11-20.zip 151 kB


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this'd good for a small prototype game ... thank bro

This'd be good for a bullet-hell game...

Hello! I used your assets for my game and mentioned you in the Credits

Thanks for awesome graphic pack!



Seus Assets são muito bonitos e bem feitos, vai ajudar nas minhas aulas. Top 100

Just wanted to say thanks for making this. I used it to complete my first game and game jam.

Fantastic asset pack

Matt, I really like your artwork style! Can we talk on Discord about a game that I want you to do the artwork for? It's a small space game that I wish to sell on Itch. If you are interested please add me on Discord and message me.

My Discord name: GlitchyRobot#0353


Thanks, glad you like the art! Unfortunately my work schedule is fully booked for the foreseeable future. Best of luck with the game.

So when's your next available time? I really would like to discuss with you with what I have in mind.


Thank you very much!! This is really AMAZING :)


Thanks, you're welcome!