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Cool pack! I made a simple platform runner based on your pack CrystalRun by NobodyAndNothing (


Hi! Hopefully you are still around here on, I downloaded this pack and was wondering how you got the drill to move back and forth, and explaining the tile-able meaning?

Hey! For the drill moving back and forth I just mocked this up in Photoshop. Depending on what game engine you're using and whether it's drawn as a sprite or a background object you need a script or chunk of code that adjusts the drills draw position in a loop to create the back and forth movement.

Tile-able means the drill graphics are semi-modular, you can take different sections of the drill and repeat them or take out some sections to make different sizes and lengths of drill.

Hope this helps!


I'm creating everything from scratch in "Java" and I have tried to do something similar to QUOTE: "you need a script or chunk of code that adjusts the drills draw position in a loop to create the back and forth movement"EndQuote: The background of the game was that randomly generated or setup with an engine? I have an idea on how I can add objects/background parts but extracting them from the SpriteSheet will be a little challenge. I'll end up having to draw each one first before using in paint to make the level. 

All the example images were mocked up and animated in Photoshop, I never actually put a game together with them! If I had to I'd store chunks of the level layout in one matrix and then copy those chunks in to another matrix which represents the level layout in a random order to build the levels. 

Depending on what graphics library you're using you might be able to use the tileset image as a texture atlas and not have to extract anything.


Interesting, so basically kinda like int map[][] = new int[10][15]; map {0, 1, 5, 0, 1, 2 etc..}; 

Yeah, that'll work!

Красивенько :)

Удачи тебе

i will use the astronaut alien and some effects to a game jam. wait credits!

These look amaizing, I'm planning on using them in a game maker tutorial (the download of the assets will be linked here of course)




thanks! It was really helpful.

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thank you for making it free. I just can’t stand paying cuz my bills aren’t transferred to my card yet, so i search all over scirra and itch io. Luckily you fixed this problem. hope you can make more of these. i’m counting on you!(also i hope it works with construct 3, it’s the only engine i use for now)


Hi, I see that you are very good and for your part distributing these CC0 licensed graphics is something really generous and magnificent, however I downloaded it and I want to make a game with it, and I will surely recognize you in the credits. Good Work :3


How do I put this…? “Using a CC0 license is really, really generous of you and after all the work you have provided for free it would be monstrous to ask for more. … Hello. I might be a monster but I mean well. Have you ever thought about promoting your work by making release announcements for it here on” (I mean your works in general - not just your free projects.)


I didn't know that existed! Thanks for the heads up.


You’re very welcome. Thanks for your generosity! :)

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Can i get the size for the canvas for each sprite??

No problem. The tile size is 32x32, the two characters are on a 32x32 canvas size but are scaled at around 16x16 pixels. The dust effects are 32x32 and the pickups and small objects are all 16x16 pixels. The Big drilling machines are 120 pixels tall with tile-able horizontal sections.


I'm using it for a game.


Nice work