A downloadable asset pack

Everything needed to build a 16 bit style, pixel art endless runner or platformer with a science fiction theme. 


  • Foreground tileset with cave walls, ceilings and floors, floating platforms and level exit.
  • Customisable tile based parallax background.
  • Astronaut and alien characters with idle, running and death animations
  • Drilling machines to chase the player with tile-able body segments.
  • Dust cloud and sparkle effect animations.
  • Rock debris sprites and collectable diamonds.
  • UI elements including a distance meter.

These assets are released in to the public domain under the Creative Commons 0 license. You can use, modify and distribute them in commercial and personal projects (a written credit is appreciated but not necessary!).


Space Runner Assets - 27-11-20.zip 125 kB


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Hi, I see that you are very good and for your part distributing these CC0 licensed graphics is something really generous and magnificent, however I downloaded it and I want to make a game with it, and I will surely recognize you in the credits. Good Work :3


How do I put this…? “Using a CC0 license is really, really generous of you and after all the work you have provided for free it would be monstrous to ask for more. … Hello. I might be a monster but I mean well. Have you ever thought about promoting your work by making release announcements for it here on itch.io?” (I mean your works in general - not just your free projects.)


I didn't know that existed! Thanks for the heads up.


You’re very welcome. Thanks for your generosity! :)

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Can i get the size for the canvas for each sprite??

No problem. The tile size is 32x32, the two characters are on a 32x32 canvas size but are scaled at around 16x16 pixels. The dust effects are 32x32 and the pickups and small objects are all 16x16 pixels. The Big drilling machines are 120 pixels tall with tile-able horizontal sections.


I'm using it for a game.


Nice work